Ergonomic Exercise For Hands:
Wrist Rotation: Stretch both arms straight to the front with closed fists. Rotate both the fists together ten times in the clockwise direction and ten times in the anticlockwise direction. Do ensure that only your fists are rotating and the rest of your arms are stationery.

Elbow Rotation: Bendyour hands towards the front and hold your shoulders with your palms. Now, rotate your elbows ten times in the clockwise and ten times in the anticlockwise direction.

Whole hands, small circles: Stretch both hands to the sides holding your palms straight up perpendicular to the hands. Now, make small circles with both palms ten times in the clockwise and ten times in the anticlockwise direction. Note that the smaller the circle, the better relaxation to your hands. This is an excellent Ergonomic Exercise for those who have to sit in front of the computer for very long hours.

Whole hands, big circles: Stretch your hands to the sides. Make big circles (as big as possible) with both the hands ten times in the clockwise and ten times in the anticlockwise direction. The number of times can be increased gradually as this becomes less strenuous. All these Ergonomic Exercises can be done while you relax in your workstation seat.If you prefer doing them at home or in standing postures, you can stand in the ‘attention’ posture.
Ergonomic Exercises for Back:

Backward: Stand straight in the attention posture. Breath in while you bends back and come back to the normal position while you breathe out. While you bend back, try to bend as much as possible, but without straining your back. Try to do this ten times.

Forward: Stand straight in the attention posture. Raise both hands up while you breath in and come down to touch your toes without bending your knees while you breath out. You might not be able to do it with perfection in the initial days, but can improve gradually day by day. Don’t try to touch your toes in the beginning as it might hurt your back. Most users tend to increase their waist length on prolonged use with computers. This is the apt Ergonomic Exercise for such people. So be in shape while you work on your PC. You can start off this Ergonomic Exercise with five numbers gradually increasing to ten in the first week, fifteen in the second and third weeks, and can go till thirty-five daily if your back permits.
Ergonomic Exercises for Shoulders:

Use a large bath towel and grasp it at opposite corners. Sling it across the shoulder of tightness and bring both ends across to the opposite hip or waist. With the arm on that side pull gently downward and then release slowly.

Apart from these Ergonomic Exercises , you can go for jogging, brisk walking, aerobics, swimming, outdoor games etc. to be in good shape and improve your stamina. Remember that you don’t get much Ergonomic Exercise the whole day when you are in front of your computer. So, sacrifice your one-hour in the mornings or evening for your healthy body to have a healthy mind.

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