1.Tire Selection according to the application
Selection of the tire according to the use is the most important factor. That means, the right tire should be selected for the operation.

Recommended tire by application are as follows;

100% Off-road: A/T tires are more suitable
On-road/Off-road mix: A/T tires are more suitable
100% On-road: H/T, H/L and H/P are more suitable

A/T = All Terrain, H/T = Highway Terrain, H/L = Highway Luxury, H/P = Highway Performance

Application of Highway terrain tires on Off-road
Although H/T tires can be used on off-road, we recommend A/T tires because possibility for cut/chip is more if H/T tires are used off-road, eventually the tire life is decreased.

2.Tire care and maintenance
Tire care and maintenance are indispensable to safety and longer tire life.

A.Daily visual check
I.Check that all tires have the correct inflation pressure. Over-pressure makes vehicle unstable.
II.Check the sidewalls of the tires for cracks or unusual bulges.

B.Monthly tire pressure check
I.The air pressure in the tires falls naturally by approximately 1-3psi a month. Under
inflation reduce tire performance and eventually resulting in tire failure.

II.The recommended pressure is written on a label stuck in one of these places inside the driver’s door and/or inside of cover of the mouth for fuel tank. Make sure that the tires are cold while checking the pressure.

C.Rotate tires every 5000 km
This prevents irregular tire wear and ensures prolonged tire life:
I.Check your car owner’s handbook for the rotation sequence.
II.Have your tires balanced at the same time.

D.Tire change
Sufficient tread depth is necessary for optimum tire performance.When tire is worn to 1.6 mm they should be replaced. There are tread wear indicators on the tire which tell you when its time to remove the tires.

E.Tire repair
Do a proper repair. String repair done from outside the tire is only a temporary repair. Proper repairing is done from inside the tire using a plug/patch.

F.Replacing tires
I.When replacing tires it is advisable to select tires based on the size, ply rating and maximum load capacity of the original tire.
II.Check rim for any irregularities before assembling.

G.Mixing of tires
The mixed application of different type of tires and/or sizes on the same axle can adversely affect maneuverability, stability and braking because of differences in tire performance characteristics and tire deformation.

Issued by PDO Road Safety (MSE/15 Section) - June 2008